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A range of team sports are supported. Teams can be organised into competitions. It is easy to set matches up, see who can play and record key events during a match, or afterwards.


Pro-My Sport is set up for

  • Football/Soccer (outdoor and 5-a-side)
  • Netball
  • Field Hockey
  • Basketball
  • Rugby Union
  • Handball


Pro-My Sport can help you organise and run competitions. Anything from a simple day competition for a few clubs to a season long league or cup competition. (At the moment, to set up a competition, we need to do it for you – that will change soon. Email us at support@pro-my.com to set up a competition, letting us know your Pro-My sport user id, the competition name, when it runs from and to and the other teams in the competition. You will then be able to schedule the matches)


Easy match set up Select whether the match is part of a competition or not. Pick the opposition, date, time and location and you are set to go. Players can then be invited to the match and let you know their availability – or the manager can manage that themselves.


Clubs can have as many teams as they want. Each team can be distinct, or have players from other teams. Club and team managers can then invite players to their teams, set up matches, connect a team to a managers twitter account, record match events and review match performance afterwards. As players progress through teams in a club it is easy to move them.


Pick the players Before you start a match, you confirm the players for the teams. You are then ready to record the match information.

Easy recording For each event you want to record as part of the match you can do it with a few quick clicks. Events are split into pre-match, match and post-match. e.g. Captain would be pre-match, goal during the match and star player a post match event.

Live or after the event You can record the events live, as the happen, or after the game if you find that easier. Once a game is complete, you can always add/delete and change events from the match timeline.

Stream events to Twitter Managers have the option to connect a team to a twitter account. Match events are then automatically tweeted as they happen. So followers of the team can keep up to date as the action happens.

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