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Pro-My Sport is for the benefit of everyone involved in sport – Managers, Players and Parents. It is set up in a way to make it easy for you to create, run and get involved with Clubs and Teams. So you can focus on enjoying playing and enjoying reviewing your performance.

For Managers

Help your team perform better. Managers want to focus on helping their players develop. Pro-My Sport allows more time for that by making it easier to: keep track of player details; organise matches and training; record what happens during matches. Managers can assign administration rights to others in the team (helpers or team members) – you do not have to rely on one person to run everything.

Get started quickly. The App does not rely on everyone downloading the App and checking the App all the time. All players need to register with the App, which managers can do on their behalf, with their permission. All registered players can then also use the Web Service or the automated email service to say if they can play or not.

Always in control. As Manager, you always have control of the team. For the players who are not good at communicating, you can always set their playing status for them.

For Players

Easy Set Up And Use. It is easy to register: Either by yourself; by accepting a manager’s invitation or by allowing a manager to register for you. You can then use the Mobile App, the Web App or just the automated emails to let your manager know your availability.

Check Your Performance. Once events are recorded for matches, you can look at your own performance – including, if you want, easy to connect video clips of your and other performance information like heat maps and heart rate traces.

For Parents

Safe and Secure. The services are designed to make it easy for parents to look after their children in the teams they play in. You register your child and all communication comes to you. Each child has their own account, but you control it – so you can play for your own teams and look after your children’s all from one account.

Keep Connected. You cannot be at all your children’s games. Using the app, you can keep connected to what is going on without having to be there, and let your children know you are still keeping up with them.


Set a club up and connect it to a sport and you are ready to go, setting up the teams you want.


Clubs can have as many teams as they want. Each team can be distinct, or have players from other teams. Club and team managers can then invite players to their teams, set up matches, connect a team to a managers twitter account, record match events and review match performance afterwards. As players progress through teams in a club it is easy to move them.


The squads feature helps make it quicker to assign players to a match if you vary which players you use depending on the match or competition. You do not have to use squads. If you do, you simply assign players to a squad and then when you set a match up you add the players from the squad, rather than the whole team. A team can have lots of different squads and players can be in any of those squads.

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